Do you like the bedroom design in the adult's room? I do!!:D And that glitch happened again...Lavender, even if I cancel the 'At School' interaction in her 'Interaction Queue', doesn't stop going inside the apartment, and ALWAYS places her homework on that desk. It doesn't really matter NOW, as she's a Young Adult at Sim State University, but it's SO annoying as every time, I have to go into Buy Mode and move the homework onto the floor, (otherwise Lavender - for SOME reason - can't get to it, and just stamps her feet, gestures in front of herself, then waves, goes, 'ER...Garoby-KA?", and then shrugs...and just will NOT pick her homework up off of it. OK, maybe they say that 'Maroby-ka' thing when they have a low Need in something instead, but YOU GET MY GIST!!:P Oh, and also just thought that I should probably just put a plant or something on the desk to stop the glitch from happening. Hmm...silly me teehee...:P:D:)